Test Driving a new community during a Pandemic

How to test-drive a new community during a pandemic

The end of May saw Rightmove announcing their busiest day ever, with incredibly over six million visits in one day. Since the easing back of our industry, our office has received numerous enquiries from those looking to move to Rickmansworth, Chorleywood, Croxley Green and the general South West Hertfordshire pocket we cover.  Location has always been an important factor for those looking to buy a new home, but have your priorities changed since lockdown?  Neighbourhoods you may have thought desirable could now have lost their shine and you might be seeking something different, but how do you test-drive a new community whilst a pandemic is still bubbling along?

Photo of Rickmansworth Aquadrome and Sailing Club – by Scott Mayo

Deciding on a new location can be challenging at the moment, but we think with a bit of online detective work and the right tools to hand you can discover a lot about a neighbourhood from the comfort of your sofa, and could even make a few new friends along the way too.  Although this may seem a new way of finding a new home, it’s often the norm for people who have to relocate – this is why video has become so useful.

The usually busy Feathers Pub, Rickmansworth

Slowly now you might be able to visit the local coffee shop for a takeout cuppa but you can’t see our towns in their full swing and customers filling up cafes and pubs.  You can take a stroll through the areas you are considering but things are far from normal.  We definitely suggest grabbing a local walk or getting on your bike for one of the many amazing routes some newly re-discovered during Lockdown. But also let your fingers and technology do the walking, talking, and digging for you.

Go social and local

Most local communities will have their own publication and we are no different.  Both in print and the ever growing Social channels offer brilliant resources.  Try out a search for the Chorleywood Magazine – it is a super publication and while not printing during COVID-19 they have regular excellent Facebook posts.  The Chorleywood Residents Association also have a magazine and MyNewsMag has both a Ricky & Croxley edition.  The wider serving Hertfordshire Life has regular stories on local areas and is a wealth of resources. These will give you an insight into what’s happening in the area but of course the news is a little limited right now so maybe get hold of some old editions that will provide more of a sense of the area and a better feel for the community.

During the Lockdown and subsequent easing of regulations, the local Social Media channels have been a wealth of strength and support for us small independent businesses.  We have been overwhelmed with the feeling of community and togetherness given by other local businesses and locals.  It has been a time of pulling together and recognising we need to support one another for the survival of our communities.  This is a brilliant time to follow local Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts and you will get a terrific feel for the local area.  Use these platforms to ask any questions you may have; we know the locals will be happy to give their opinions and let you know why they’ve made our pocket of Hertfordshire their home.  Simply search for #Rickmansworth #Chorleywood #Croxleygreen We have tagged some of the wonderful accounts who have given us so much welcome support in the recent months in our Instagram post here, for you to follow.

Walking with Google

Have you ever taken a walk with Google? Did you know that you can wander around any potential new area whilst relaxing with a cuppa?  Google Street View is an incredible tool that allows you to virtually walk along a street, you can see where each road leads and where local amenities are situated. 

You can access Google Street View via google.com/maps. Simply type in the address of the street or property you’re interested in and, on the left side of the screen the address will appear with an image below; click on the image and you’ll be taken to the street view.  From here you should be able to click and drag your way along the street, down the next, and go for a walk as if you were actually there.

The local market

If you have your eyes set on a community but unsure what you can buy, one of the best ways to get a sense of the local property market is to search both homes for sale and those recently sold.  You will be able to see typical architecture styles and, should you be seeking a period home or a contemporary abode you’ll discover where they are located.  As well as styles, you’ll get a sense of prices, so if you’ve decided that a particular neighbourhood is for you, you can be realistic about what kind of property you can afford there.

Get on the phone

It’s funny, but when looking for a new property many people shy away from making the one call that could make the most difference.  As estate agents we know every community inside and out; knowing the kind of neighbourhood you’re seeking we will be able to advise you on where to start looking.  We can give you detailed advice on the local property market and also keep an eye out for a home that could be right for you.

We’re not scary really, so please pick up the phone or drop us a message.

Family life

Local schooling is always an important factor for families choosing a new community, and we know you’ll want to research which will suit your children best.  Of course, look at the Ofsted reports, but to get the real story talk to the parents whose children are attending the school – you should easily find people on local social media sites.  Now we know these are certainly not normal times and headteachers are under a lot of pressure at the moment, so you may need to be patient if you’re wanting specific questions answered by the school.

None of us know what school will look like in the months to come, but now more than ever, as our little ones head back, you’ll want to ensure that the school you choose is the right one.

Enjoy your test-drive

We know that test-driving an area is not ideal, but if you’re actively wanting to move home it will give you the best insight into a new neighbourhood in Rickmansworth, Croxley Green, Chorleywood and the greater South West Hertfordshire area, and will help you feel confident that you’ve made the right decision.

Remember to please give us a call at Trend & Thomas, we have a wealth of advice that we know you will find extremely valuable when deciding where to live, call our team on 01923 773 616 or drop us an email or via Instagram.

Our second ‘House to Home Reveal’ and an introduction to Baaa-Bette

We have been at it again – catching up with past clients to see what they have done with the House we helped them buy a few years ago.  This one is a gem.  Kirsti & Al have a perfect mixture of practical and creative abilities between them with a plethora of skills in their armoury from upholstery to animal husbandry to triathlons, photography and the commercial property world.  Come and enjoy this spectacular #HouseToHomeReveal

Rickmansworth Semi-detached home – purchased May 2016

How long did it take you to decide to buy your home?

We loved our old cottage on Ebury Road so it was difficult to find somewhere generally but when we found this property we decided almost straight away. We wanted a project as well as a little more living space.  Did we love it? No, too many features had been taken out. But did it have bags of potential? Yes absolutely! It was a rare opportunity to buy a Victorian refurbishment project in Rickmansworth.

What feature of your home did you love when you first viewed it?

The high ceilings! All I need in a house, the rest can all be changed!

living area b&fAnd what part of your home did you hate when you first viewed it?

Where to start…. The 60s fireplace, the woodchip wallpaper everywhere, the electric 1960s radiators used to heat pretty much the WHOLE house. The fact that nearly all the features were either gone or ruined.

Living room b&fHow easy or tricky was the buying process – time it took to complete, any curve balls?

Yes, tricky… I nearly put my shoes on once to go and have a word. It took a long time for our vendors to make up their minds and when they did they decided at the last minute that they would actually quite like to tie in the house they were buying into the chain, having always maintained that they were chain free! This might have meant further delays which in turn meant that our buyers were in danger of losing their mortgage offer.  Luckily for us Trend & Thomas managed the situation and got the sale through to completion.

How long did it take for you to decide on the renovations you planned?

I had a rough idea of what I wanted straight off but planning it and being able to afford it took a couple of years!

plan chest

Did you live in the house for a while or did you rip it out and do it up before you moved in?

We moved in and renovated upstairs nearly immediately, due to the need for central heating and a functioning bathroom…. We are lucky that the house was big enough for us to move around in whilst works were taking place, allowing us to live upstairs when we then got round to doing the extension downstairs in 2018.

bathroom b&f

Bathroom 1

How challenging were the renovations? Any advice on what to do or not to do?

It was hard but worth it! If you can do the whole thing in one go then do, absolutely it would have been easier for us, but at the same time the fact that we could stay here and move around made it bearable. Being on site was also very useful.

What do you love the most about your refurbished home?

The light, the big open plan space, the high ceilings and of course the period features which have been reinstated.


Anything you would do differently now you’ve lived with it a bit?

Having a big open plan space means that all the walls are quite far away, I could have done with a sunken floor socket or two in the middle but then again if I had those I probably would find them an eye sore 😊  That’s an excellent tip Kirsti!

Kitchen b&f

Any more great tips for suppliers and companies you used to refurb and dress your home?

I love a mix of old and new, so good quality new or anything old! Spend time researching as things don’t always have to cost eye watering amounts of money. For example, our outdoor tiles came from Topps Tiles which people are always amazed at as they are so unusual for outdoors.

Exterior b&f

Our windows in the main space are from a company called Fabco in Littlehampton and our beautiful stair runner is from Roger Oates.

staircase b&fI source most of my furniture and fixings myself from markets, reclaim yards, auctions and antique dealers. The Sofa in our Living area is from West Elm, the wall lights are a mixture of Rocket St George and Graham & Green and the TV in the main area is the Samsung Frame TV.  Our roll top bath is from CP Hart but we reclaimed the feet from the old bath that was already here!


The bamboo pendant in our main living area is from Cox & Cox and the pendant in the Snug is a Mathieu Challieres Voilere from The Conran Shop.  Our kitchen is DeVOL and we have mostly painted the house Farrow and Ball Shaded White except for the Snug which is Inchyra blue.  Our yellow bed is from LoveYourHome and we used the Period House for some radiators.  The lovely round mirror in the bathroom is from Loaf.  The tiles in our main living area are from Porcelanosa.

Who lives here with you?

My husband and our two cats.  – Extra points if you can spot the lovely Lionel and Porridge making three appearances in the photos.

Which room do you use the most – before Lockdown, and after?

We’re always in the main room and then have the snug for a change of scenery!

Favourite tune to listen to in your home?

Now you’re asking! Only one????   Cherchez la Femme by Dr Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band – As many as you like given that calibre!

Favourite meal to enjoy in your home?

All four of us love a nice Fish & Chips from SeaMaster!  – Oo that’s made us put that on our to do list soon!

How has your use of your home changed due to the Coronavirus Lockdown?

Our main open plan space appears to have changed into a plant nursery! They’re all growing big and strong so they can go in our freshly dug vegetable patch.

If you could have one change/improvement to your home to get you through lockdown – what would it be?

My work room is the one room in the house still to be done, somewhere where I can plan interiors and work on my upholstery and furniture projects.

And finally your favourite objet, piece of art or furniture; in your home and why?

My haberdashery cabinet! It’s beautiful, it’s old and it stores everything!! – Yes your haberdashery cabinet is stunning – but also, what about that amazing Sheep? 

Oh yes, the Party Sheep from Rocket St George’s collaboration with Pikes Hotel is a favourite feature –  although in our house she is known as Baaa-bette.


Baaa-bette is beautiful and no longer available we understand – what a find you lucky four (or 5 including Baaa-bette) your home is one of our favourites to come and revisit.  Partly because you have carefully restored the important period features but also because you have given it a personality of it’s own relevant to life today.  Well done Kirsti & Al, doesn’t look like you are moving with Trend & Thomas again anytime soon – Oh no! 

A House to a Home

One of the occasions we enjoy the most at Trend & Thomas is catching up with clients to see how they turn the Flats and Houses they buy through us into Homes #HousetoHome being one of our favourite hashtags.

Recently we hung out – socially distanced – with past clients Jay & Kathryn.  These two both work in highly creative industries and it is reflected in the gorgeous home they have curated beautifully together here.  The before and afters paint quite a picture.

Rickmansworth Semi-detached home – purchased November 2016


How long did it take you to decide to buy this house – was it love at first sight or a slow burn?

We made up our minds almost immediately after walking in to the property, so didn’t take us long to decide we wanted it at all.  We had, however, been looking for a property along the road for some time and for one reason or another, other properties didn’t fit.

What feature did you love when you first viewed it?

For Jay how light it felt and that the front door didn’t open directly in to the living room.  For me, it just had a really lovely feel and because it wasn’t being lived in 100%, it was a blank canvas.

3Anything you hated at first sight?

For Jay it was the kitchen and the windows but for me, everything was dated so could only see the potential.


How easy or hard was the buying process – any curve balls? 

The buying process was so easy but that was mainly due to Trend & Thomas (ah we love these guys! 😉).  We dealt with Neil, the owner, and he was just so upfront with us throughout the whole process.  We also had a mortgage broker recommended to us through Trend & Thomas and he was also just great.  Very simple process from start to finish.

How long did it take you to decide on the renovations you planned?  Did you live in the house a while or did you rip it out and do it up before you moved in?

As we had looked at so many properties, we had an idea of the renovations we had wanted to achieve and could picture them right away when we viewed the property.  We were lucky enough to be renting in the same road, so had all of our works done before we moved in to the house.  We needed to start from scratch really; new windows, rewiring, re-plumbing, a bit of remodelling, new radiators, as well as stairs put in to get up to the loft space.  We still haven’t finished our renovations, but have planning permission for a bathroom and bedroom on the top floor and a side extension for a toilet, utility room and extension of dining space in the kitchen downstairs.

How challenging were the renovations?  Any advice on what to do or not to do? 

The advice would be use professionals as much as you can!!  Renting down the same road we bought in, meant we could see the progress our builders were making every day, so if you can, don’t live in the house whilst you’re doing it up!  Budgets can go very quickly though, so we did end up doing a lot of decorating ourselves as we neared the end of our renovation pot.  We also took down the garage ourselves to make room for a parking space (very handy in the town centre), small shed space and office space in the rear garden.  I swear, one step to the left and one of us would have been killed by a spring from the garage door as it came off.  The grease on the spring left tread marks on my t-shirt it was that close!

What do you love the most about your refurbished home?

Kitchen 2 98 EburyBoth of us love our new kitchen space, even though it’s not finished.  It’s where we spend most of our time with friends and family and has become the hub of our house.  A fab, but decadent buy, was the boiling water tap.  Absolutely love it.  We get cold water from the fridge tap.  We also love our living room, but don’t entertain in it very much.  We had a fireplace put in so we can enjoy a real fire during those horrid winter nights.  We also had shutters made for the whole house and love them.  Not having curtains makes the rooms look bigger.

Anything you’d do differently now you have lived in it a bit? 

Overall, we’re happy with the choices we made with our initial renovation, we’d just like to be able to get the downstairs extension done first, then worry about the loft another time.  We would only do the work if we knew that once finished, we’d be able to get our money back on the works completed on the house.  Given what we’ve done to it and the standard the fixtures and fittings are, we’re confident we will.  We’re not going anywhere for the time being anyway…(Errr – not what an Estate Agent wants to hear 😉 )

Any great tips for suppliers you used to refurb and dress your home?

We’d definitely recommend the place we got our radiators from Column Rads Column Rads – great value for money and made to measure.  Lots of colour choices, but we went for gunmetal grey.  For light fittings, we loved Industville – again great value for money, but really nice looking fixtures if you look hard enough.  We had the shutters made from Hillarys, but think there are so many companies out there doing similar products, it’s worth a look around.  We love antique pieces and our house is dotted with the odd gem from flea markets, vintage shops and eBay.   Our kitchen is from Wren.  They were shocking to deal with, but we got sucked in to the ‘sale ends soon’ spiel from the salesperson.   I’d steer clear, but again, there are so many options of places to buy from so would look around.

Who lives here in this gorgeous space now?

Three of us live in the property – Jay, Kathryn and Grace, but we often have visitors come to stay – especially Jay’s kids who can stay for weeks at a time.  It’s lovely.


Which room do you use the most – is it the same as before Coronavirus!?

We’re using the living room more during Coronavirus due to really bad telly watching habits that have been established since lockdown, and the garden more due to the change in weather.

Living room 98 Ebury


Favourite tunes heard in your home?

Favourite tunes in the home… so many different tastes, but they vary from The Wombles to Courteeners to Ariana Grande.  However, post pub Crystal Gayle tends to get a good share of air play.

Favourite meals shared? 

A good old Sunday roast in the winter and anything on the barbecue in the summer.  Love a rotisserie chicken cooked on the BBQ!

Favourite piece of art/furniture in your home? 

Rita is our favourite buy for sure.  She’s a fat bottomed, small headed statue from a Cardiff nightclub in the 70’s called Tito’s.  We found her in an antique shop and had to give her a home.  She’s called Rita after the lady who sold her to us.

Rita 98 Ebury

rear kitchen 98 Ebury

How has your use of your home changed due to the Coronavirus Lockdown?

Due to CV, the kitchen has turned in to the hub/office/classroom and craft room, so we don’t tend to sit at the table for meals at the moment.

Kitchen 2 98 Ebury

If you could have one change/improvement to your home to get you through lockdown – what would it be?

I’d say nothing, Jay would say another loo!!

Thanks Kathryn & Jay – love the home you’ve created with the bones you bought through us.


How coronavirus has changed homebuyers priorities in our corner of Hertfordshire

Life has a funny way of showing us what’s important, and the coronavirus pandemic and recent research has shown that homebuyers’ priorities have certainly shifted in our area.  Your home will have been a crucial factor in determining your experience of this crisis; it’s not only been your home, but possibly your place of work, and your playground.  You may have fallen completely in love with your home all over again and decided to give it a makeover whilst you’ve been confined.  Or its flaws may have grown so big in your eyes that they can no longer be ignored and you are screaming inside to find a new home.  But just how has coronavirus changed Rickmansworth & Hertfordshire homebuyers’ priorities?


Change in the top 5

According to Rightmove, the top five types of property searched for by buyers has changed over the last few months, with houses and bungalows becoming the most sought after.  As early as January, two and three-bedroom flats were included at the top of this list but, when analysed in May, this had changed.   At Trend & Thomas we anticipated that outdoor space could be a big draw for buyers, after gardens have become a sanctuary for many over the last few months.


Space has always been something that most buyers crave, especially if they have a growing family, so it’s no surprise that searches for homes with gardens had increased by 42% in May from last years’ figures.  We expect the weather has also played a part in increasing our desire for a garden; whether you are looking for a space that is maintenance-free or a landscaped paradise, being able to enjoy the sunshine and relax has been a blessing for our mental wellbeing.

The new workplace


Not everyone has been able to work from home, but for those who have, many are wishing to make this more permanent, whether it’s a couple of days a week or full-time.  We have already seen the requests for space for a home office in our area increase dramatically, and we expect this to continue to rise in the coming months.  Employers have found that people have been more productive working from home, even with the pressures of home schooling and self-isolation.  As such, businesses are rethinking how they operate in the long run, Twitter recently announced that should an employee wish to continue working from home, they can do so forever!

To meet this most essential need, buyers will be looking for homes that have superfast broadband and strong mobile signal to ensure communications can continue without issue.  Those buyers wanting a home with a home office will be seeking a property with a designated space, whether this is a spare room or a purpose-built or transformed garden building.  Offices in the garden are highly desirable as they give distinct separation from work and home life; not only that, being able to look out over the garden can make you more productive.

If you’re looking to sell your home Rickmansworth, Chorleywood, Croxley Green and the surrounding areas, it’s worth seeing where you can create a private workspace before placing it on the market.  Maybe you have a box room that could be easily presented as a tranquil place to work, or you could already have an office but a quick lick of paint might transform it into the kind of home office a buyer cannot resist.


Yet to come

At Trend & Thomas we have been frantically busy with people looking to move into and around our area.  You can be assured that the buyers out there are serious, so it’s in your interests to do everything you can to attract to today’s buyers, from enhancing your outside space to offering them a place to work.  If you would like advice on how you could increase the appeal of your home before you place it on the market, please contact a member of our team on 01923 773 616.

Enjoy the gardening today if that’s in your plans!



Selling in a Post-Lockdown World

christian-stahl-8S96OpxSlvg-unsplashThe restrictions are starting to lift and although it will take a while before things resemble what they were, there are definitely signs of life returning.  If you have any questions concerning the market post-lockdown please send these to us via our Instagram story and we will endeavour to answer as many as possible.  However if you are considering a move have a think about the points below while you might be at home with a little more time on your hands than usual.

Not everyone has had the desire to continue with their plans to move and yet others’ decision to find a new home in our lucky part of Hertfordshire has been a recent one.  But before you race to get your home up there on the big wide web, take some time to consider if it’s ready for sale, and how your home looks from the street should never be neglected.  How can your home’s kerb appeal aid a post-lockdown sale?

Make an impression

We all know first impressions count – you want buyers longing to see what your home has to offer, from the outside in.  With many of us taking to the streets on our daily walks, we may be noticing more about what surrounds us than ever before,

as we are not distracted by the hustle and bustle of life.  Architecture is adored, colours and planting are admired, and presentation envied.  Not all future buyers are actively looking, but that doesn’t mean that if your home makes an impression it won’t be desired and remembered.  Your home will no longer be just one on the street in Rickmansworth, Croxley Green, Chorleywood, that potential buyers pass by without a glance, the right kerb appeal will ensure it stands out and is never ignored again.


Present to sell

During Lockdown even if you haven’t made the decision to sell yet you may well have had time to declutter, clean and organise your property’s interior.  If you are planning to move you now need to put in the same work sprucing up the outside.  Begin with undertaking any repairs that you have been neglecting and tidy up your plants, shrubs and any lawn areas, so they are looking well cared for.  It’s only natural for paving to start to look tired over time, so grab that power-washer or call in the professionals, as this can make a massive difference.  It may seem obvious but clean all your windows and, if needed, give window sills a fresh coat of paint, as well as touching up any other paint work.


Focus on the point

The focal point to any home is the front door; from its condition, to its colour, to whether it’s well lit, no detail will go unnoticed.  Colour psychology can also play a part in how buyers perceive the property, so what does your front door say about you and your home?  According to the Pantone Colour Institute, a black front door signifies elegance, power and prestige, whereas white is often chosen by those who prefer a minimalist look due to it being crisp and pristine.  Grey is timeless and less likely to go out of fashion, while a red door commands attention and is more likely to be chosen by individuals who are engaging and dynamic.  Whatever colour you choose, ensure it complements the architectural style of your property.

Red colored front door of a city houseThe devil is in the detail

One frustration for buyers is when a house number is not clearly visible, so if you don’t have one or it’s seen better days, an effective and subtle way to update the front of your home is to add bold numbers that can be clearly seen from the street.  At Trend & Thomas we would also advise that these and any hardware, such as the letter box, handles and knockers, should mirror the style of your home’s interior, as this will give your buyers a taste of what to expect.

Power in planting

Colour creates impact, adds warmth and a bright welcome, whether that’s through flowers bursting from flower beds and window boxes or evergreen shrubs in planters.  No matter what space you have at the front of your property, you can easily transform it with an injection of blooms. You can create a touch of elegance using symmetrical planters on either side of your front door, and aromatic herbs such as lavender and rosemary will provide beautiful scents that will add to your buyers’ viewing experience. purple-and-blue-flowers-1039127

Time is of the essence

Whilst the pace of life is slower, and before the majority of us return to work, don’t miss the opportunity to ensure that your home’s kerb appeal makes a lasting first impression.  Serious buyers are already out there, enquiries have started to rise and we expect this to continue as restrictions are lifted.  Time is of the essence, as your kerb appeal could aid a post-lockdown sale.  If you’d like advice on how to maximise your home’s potential, call us at Trend & Thomas on 01923 773 616 and we can discuss your own personal property and circumstances in better detail.

COVID-19 Update 13th May 2020

2We have been a little surprised at the sudden announcement last night that the Housing market can reopen with viewings and valuations returning if social distancing is observed.

In order to serve you all well we are cautiously reviewing all guidelines and announcements & preparing our own policies and procedures in order to maintain the health & safety of our staff & clients.

Robert Jenrick, The Secretary of State for Housing, Communities & Local Government, is addressing Parliament this morning and we will be watching this to determine new guidelines or developments.

However, if the new Government guidelines remain as currently stand, we will be briefing staff & implementing our procedures over the next few days with an aim to reinstate viewings and valuations by Saturday May the 16th, if we can do so safely.

We will continue to work from home where possible as we feel this is the safest process for our staff at present. Should our clients need to meet us we will make arrangements on an individual basis and adhering to strict social distancing guidelines.  New Legislation document can be found here.

Our new Valuation & Viewing Policy is:

  • ppe staff masks gloves coronavirus
  • Ensure all involved have correct PPE
  • Only 2 people to view at any one time
  • Adhere to strict 2m social distancing guidelines at all times
  • ‘Doors Open’ policy in place – Occupiers must open all doors and turn on all lighting, prior to the Viewing/Valuation.
  • ‘Non Contact’ policy in place – Viewers are not to have contact with the property surfaces including doors, switches, taps etc
  • Occupiers to be absent from the property during the Viewing/Valuation
  • Agent to clean any necessary surfaces with appropriate wipes post Viewing/Valuation.

We had been preparing for a possible June 1st return to viewings and valuations and it is no secret the Government’s announcement with regards the Housing Industry last night has come as a surprise.

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 15.27.32

We feel the need to operate with caution and ensure we are applying responsibility and intelligence to our decisions.

Our Virtual Tours and Online Valuation services are all up and running for those clients who are not comfortable with the new guidelines at present.  We had not slowed down on Sales Progression of current Sales we are managing & we have not stopped managing rental properties. We have indeed been exceptionally busy & we look forward to a renewed market as soon as possible.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries at all and we look forward to working with you again in a safe and responsible manner.

Stay safe and well and keep in touch.

Neil Guilfoyle – Director


COVID19 Update for our Clients

Estate agents working from home with childrenWe do hope you are safe and well in these unprecedented times.  We wanted to provide you with an update on how we are currently operating and the guidance specifically available for the property industry.   On the 20th April 2020 the Law Society has collated the current information on Home Moving and Conveyancing to cover essential moves and those contractually binding.  You can find this information here.

Some of our team have been furloughed but rest assured our office is continuing to function as normal with staff now working remotely as per Government guidance for the safety of our team & community.

There should be no interruption to services, but please bear with us if any delays in response occur. Please contact us on the usual number 01923 773 616 and on the emails salesandlettings@trendandthomas.co.uk or neil.guilfoyle@trendandthomas.co.uk. We will be happy to answer any property questions you may have.  We are working hard to stay up to date during the rapidly changing scenario.

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 15.27.32During this time our on-line presence is vitally important and we remain on all the mainportals, Rightmove, Zoopla and Primelocation as well as our own website and all the main Social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, IGTV, Twitter and Vimeo.

Where possible, we have carried out filming or received footage from clients, to create short video tours so we can continue to virtually market properties under the current conditions.  Please contact us should you wish to know more about our Virtual viewings and please visit our IGTV or Vimeo page for these.Penn Place IGTV Title

With regard to viewings, we are happy to organise a real-time Facetime or Zoom walk around where possible, for example where the property is either empty or the client is comfortable to carry out the walk around with the viewer and ourselves linked in.

Untitled design (1)


Sales Progression – Communication is key and we will work hard to progress your sale from exchange to the handover of keys, liaising with mortgage advisers, conveyancers and solicitors with all the tenacity and attention to detail that you expect from Trend & Thomas.  We will also keep you informed at every stage. It has never been more important to have a good agent working on your behalf to keep your sale on track and with our local expertise we will do just that.  We have had several successful completions  in recent weeks and expect to continue to do so despite these challenging times.

You may well have seen that we are also providing a strong presence on Social Media in a more community focused direction.  In these uncertain times we feel it is important to support our town and locals as best we can.  

We have been doing our best to communicate with you regularly and we will continue to do so.  On a personal note if anyone needs a pint of milk, some eggs, or a prescription picked up then please contact us.  We have helped out a few clients over the past few weeks and as we live in the Town centre it is much easier for us to do.coronavirus advice stay home save lives

Stay safe and well and keep in touch.

Neil Guilfoyle – Director

Colour In Ricky Town this Easter

Download here the Ricky Town Colouring-in Book

Here’s the link – or email us and we will post you one out and please share your creations with us on Social Media or by email and we will print them out and put them up in the office and share widely on Social Media.


Please share them with us on T&T FacebookT&T Instagram or T&T Twitter or simply email them to admin@trendandthomas.co.uk and we will share them via our shop window and on social media. Let’s use the #ColouringRicky and feel free to share the e-book.

Let’s Stay Home, Save Lives and colour in Ricky Town while we do.



COVID 19 Update for our Landlords & Tenants

image for Landlord blog v1

Dear Landlords &Tenants, 

We do hope you are safe and well in these unprecedented times.  We wanted to provide you with an update on how we are currently operating and the guidance specifically available for Landlords & Tenants. 

Some of our team have been furloughed but rest assured our Rental department is continuing to function as normal with staff now working remotely as per Government guidance for the safety of our team & community.

There should be no interruption to services, but please bear with us if any delays in response are experienced. 

wfh image with cat

The past week, being the end and beginning of the new month, are our busiest for receiving tenants’ rents and we have been encouraged to see these coming in as contracted.  However, this may change on a day, week and month by month basis ~ please be assured we will work through any issues on a case by case basis and keep you updated at every step. 

For your reference, the Coronavirus Act 2020 came into force on the 26th March 2020 and this emergency legislation prevents new eviction proceedings from being commenced for a three-month period; from the 27th of March the court service has suspended all ongoing housing possession action for 90 days.  Further information with regard the Government support available for tenants and landlords can be found via this link.

The Government has also published guidance for landlords and tenants who may be affected by current events to explain the measures relating to the Coronavirus Act 2020. This can be found via this link.

Moving boxes

In line with public health guidance which advises that people stay in their current home unless absolutely necessary, the Government has also recently published advice on home moves during the COVID-19 outbreak. Home moves are still possible but if not essential, home buyers and renters should delay moving to a new home while measures are in place to fight coronavirus. More information on this advice is available here.

We are doing our best to keep you informed as TrendThomasAd2advice changes and we are attempting to keep our community supported with our social media as we know how isolating this can all be. Please keep up to date with us on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter and please do download our Ricky Town colouring book if it will help you relax during this lockdown.

Ricky Town Colouring Book Download

Please do contact us by phone 01923 773 616 or email to salesandlettings@trendandthomas.co.uk if you have any queries, we will do our best to answer your concerns.  We understand this is a worrying time for everyone and we intend to provide our services in a respectful way to the benefit of all involved.


We will follow this update with further more specific information in the next few days.

Stay well

Neil Guilfoyle – Director


Colour in Ricky Town!

We have been trying to think of ways to help our town smile and maybe relax a little during these strange days…sadly we can’t visit you all with flowers and champagne but we’ve come up with a free downloadable e-colouring book of Ricky Town for now.
It’s for kids and adults alike and we want to see your creations.  Add some rainbows, smiley faces or even your own home – if you can remember what it looks like from outside 😉
Please share them with us on T&T FacebookT&T Instagram or T&T Twitter or simply email them to admin@trendandthomas.co.uk and we will share them via our shop window and on social media. Let’s use the #ColouringRicky and feel free to share the e-book.